In Ydre, in the border between Småland and Östergötland, these salves, oils and soaps are made by hand with only organic oils.

From the farm's home-grown hops, we produce hop oil that is added to each product.

In the past, hops played a vital rol by preserving fresh water and beer during long journeys and wars, thanks to their antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Today,hops are the fundamental ingredient in our skin care products for humans, dogs and horses.

HUMLE's products are: - Handmade - Locally produced - Organic!


We offer our products to both end customers, retailers and distributors. We also carry out assignments for Private/label production. This means we can help you develop recipes and manufacture them for you.

Contact tobias@kalvsved.se, 0739845460 if you want to talk more with us.

Private label production

We have a lot of experience in producing award-winning and high-class products in the skin care category, made with mainly organic oils. We can help you develop recipes and prototypes of products, or manufacture directly according to your own recipes.


We have a production that is scalable, and can be planned continuously with deliveries according to your needs. We prioritize long-term collaborations.


Private label production is dependent on the external cost conditions for oils, access, etc., as well as the size of your order and our commitments, as it affects the efficiency of manufacturing and thus the price of the production.

What can we manufacture?

Our product categories are under continuous development and currently include products for:

For humans
* Natural hard soap
* Liquid, natural soap
* Facial oils, body butters and various salves
* Solid perfume
* Natural deodorant

For dogs
* Natural hard soaps
* Liquid, natural soap
* Cleansing oils
* Supporting oils and ointments for sensitive and damaged skin areas
* Nourishing oils for coat and shine

For horses
* Natural soap bars
* Liquid, natural soap
* Cleansing oils
* Supporting oils and ointments for sensitive and damaged skin areas
* Caring oils and waxes for a pleasant grooming experience

For home and accommodation
* Candles with beeswax or other plant-based waxes
* Beeswax tablecloths
* House cleaning products

Do not hesitate to have a chat with us, we are keen to develop new contacts and ideas!

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