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HUMLE Body Butter Lavendelbloom 30 ml 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 155

HUMLE Body Butter Lavendelbloom 30 ml 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 155

HUMLE Body butter is a nourishing cream for the whole body that both softens and protects normal, dry and sensitive skin. It gives your skin a natural glow, soft feel, nutritious recovery and hydration.

HUMLE Body Butter contains 98% whipped, cold-pressed organic shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil. Vitamin E, essential oils and hop oil account for the other percentages. This hand crafted and fluffy body butter has the scent of lavender flowers and a soothing and skin-promoting effect, the scent does not feel intrusive, but just wonderfully soothing. We have found a supplier with a super fresh lavender scent, it almost feels crunchy!

It's very thick and different from regular lotions, it doesn't feel sticky on clothes and sheets. It gives an initial smoothness, but it is the day after that you feel the real difference!


· Organic Shea Butter

· Organic almond oil

· Organic unscented coconut oil

· Natural vitamin E

· Organic hop oil from Kalvsved

· Organic essential oils


All skin types and skin areas, preferably on cracked skin areas. It can also be used for the whole body after a shower to give the skin extra support in maintaining its natural balance.



Apply as desired and needed. Fits the whole body and can also be used on the ends of your hair for a little extra lift.


Should be kept cool.

INGREDIENTS (INCI) Shea butter *(Butyrospermum parkii butter), almond oil *(Prunus amygdalus sativa kernel oil), coconut oil* (Cocos nucifera) hop oil* (Humulus Lupulus) Natural vitamin E* (Tocopherol) and essential oils*. * = Echo

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