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HUMLE Holy Horses 120 ml - 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 475

HUMLE Holy Horses 120 ml - 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 475

HUMLE Holy Horses 120 ml!

Useful information for you as a retailer

    • Retail price including VAT is SEK 265 for 60 ml, and SEK 475 for 120 ml.

    • The product can be used for other areas than just against pastern dermatitis and rain rot.

    • It can be used for other animals as well.

    • Holy Horses only contains only organic raw materials of absolute top quality, the kind that the "ordinary" person cannot find in "ordinary" stores.

    • Humans can also use it.

    • Our animal products contain the same raw materials that we use in the human products, but they belong to different authority responsibilities. Therefore, we are not allowed to sell or market the animal products to humans.

Text from the website to the end customer:


The salve we ourselves longed for is now here!

HUMLE Holy Horses

Pastern dermatitis and rain rot as well as other skin problems - This too shall pass!

We have done solid research work and mixed it with our previous experience on the use of hop oil in our products.  The result is an extraordinary salve!

HUMLE Holy horses is an ointment that can be used for most skin problems; for wounds, scarring, fungus and skin infections. Many have noticed that the ointment can also be a local anti-itch. In these seasons, many horses and horse owners suffer from rain rot, dermatitis, joint inflammation, etc. During the slushy months of the year, the horse's skin can be broken down by constant moisture and small wounds. Bacteria and yeast strains thrive in this moist, sore environment and create inflammation and crusts in the joints, or in the form of rain bowls in the skin.


We believe that you as a horse owner are used to making your own decisions regarding your horse's needs, therefore the instructions for use are not specific, but only general.

Make sure that the skin area to be treated is clean, it should preferably be a little moist so it is easier for the ointment to be absorbed. Treat the acute problem area 1-2 times per day for about a week. Difference should be noticed after about 3-4 days. When you feel the problem is under control, apply regularly to maintain a healthy skin (1-2 times a week).

HUMLE Holy horses is developed for animals and is thus registered in the product register via

Contains 60 or 120 ml organic oils of shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, Swedish beeswax, hop oil and vitamin E.

Pet owner responsibility

As a pet owner, you always have a responsibility for your fur friend, whether it concerns food, shampoo, ointments, routines, exercise, etc. You make choices all the time about what you consider best for your animals.

The same applies to using our products. We believe that average horse owners do the best they can for their horses, choosing veterinary care when necessary, and natural ointments and drops when appropriate. We do not recommend anyone to refrain from veterinary care when needed.

Karen's competition

Our completely natural products can have a natural effect on the horse. We do not see that the content could be classified as something according to the lists of what gives grace period. But better safe than sorry, if you are going to compete, we advise you not to use our products 96 hours before the start.

Size available:

60 ml, 120 ml


Organic vegetable oils, hop oil and beeswax.

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