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HUMLE Lindra Eksem for animals 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 385

HUMLE Lindra Eksem for animals 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 385

100 ml, purchase price SEK 154, price to customer SEK 385 incl. VAT.

What distinguishes HUMLE Lindra Eksem animals from Lindra Eksem horses is that the one for animals is without tea tree oil. Because the tea tree oil can be harmful to dogs if they lick it in too large quantities.


Organic emollient eczema oil for horses suffering from eczema-related skin problems such as:

    • Elephant skin

    • Extremely dry, flaky skin

    • Constant itching

    • Scrapped fur

    • Wounds

    • Skin folds

The oil is produced by animal owners with many years of experience treating their own pets and their eczema. We make the oil by hand using high quality organic oils, the same oils we use in our human skin care. The oil softens the animal's skin and relieves itching immediately.



We believe that you as a pet owner are used to making your own decisions regarding your fur friend's needs, therefore the instructions for use are not specific, but only general.

Make sure that the skin area to be treated is clean, it should preferably be a little moist so it is easier for the oil to be absorbed. Lubricate the area 2 times/day, in case of improvement reduce to 1 time/day and lubricate the skin occasionally with HUMLE Raska Tassar or similar softening ointment.

HUMLE Lindra Eksem is developed for animals and thus registered in the product register via

Pet owner responsibility

As a pet owner, you always have a responsibility for your fur friend, whether it concerns food, shampoo, ointments, routines, exercise, etc. You make choices all the time about what you consider best for your animals.

The same applies to using our products. We believe that average owners do the best they can for their pets, choosing veterinary care when necessary, and natural ointments and drops when appropriate. We do not recommend anyone to refrain from veterinary care when needed.



100 ml.


Contains: Jojoba oil*, thistle oil*, olive oil*, castor oil*, hop oil*, vitamin E* and essential oils*. * = Echo


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