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HUMLE Rena Smörjan Lavendelblom nurturing ointment, 60 ml 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 265

HUMLE Rena Smörjan Lavendelblom nurturing ointment, 60 ml 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 265

HUMLE Rena Smörjan is a cherishing ointment that gives extra protection to the skin. Mainly intended for coarse, really dry hands and feet. In comes in a handy format, easy to carry around.

It's very thick and absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, leaving a dry feeling behind, as long as you don't take too much! With the scent of lavender flowers.

Rena Smörjan is a big favorite with both your customers and us in the staff. 

With Lavender's amazing properties, such as the smoothness of the skin, the calming and relaxing effect on both body and mind, we don't know if we can make a better product.

Pure Lavender Oil contains Shea Butter which is a product that has been around for so long that Cleopatra is said to have used it.

Shea butter is a natural fat extract that comes from the nuts of the African shea nut tree. It contains high levels of vitamins A & E and fatty acids which make the butter good for softening the skin. At room temperature, shea butter is solid, but like other types of butter, it melts at body temperature and is thus easily absorbed by the skin. The shea butter is a solid fat,viscous, sticky and sometimes grainy. The graininess disappears when the fat is melted, but may return when it solidifies. 

Rena Smörjan contains more good products such as coconut oil, which has a high concentration of saturated fatty acids, which in turn, simply explained, provide protection against bacteria.

Mango butter, which has a protective and softening effect, is excellent for skin cracks and stretch marks.

Castor oil that is loaded with antioxidants that promote the prevention of cell damage.

Beeswax acts as a moisturizer, emollient with a pleasant feeling for the skin through its soothing effect. And who doesn't want to support the pollination of our amazing nature?

Last but not least, but perhaps most importantly, this wonderful product contains our fantastic HOPS! The hop is a versatile plant, which has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. It has always been known to help with sleep problems. "A study from 2019 found that hop extracts had anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties in acne and skin inflammations" If you now happen to be more curious... There is so much more to read about Hops and our products on our website. 


· Organic shea butter

· Organic mango butter

· Organic castor oil

· Organic unscented coconut oil

· Swedish organic beeswax

· Natural vitamin E

· Organic hop oil from Kalvsved

· Organic essential oils with notes of lavender flowers


All skin types and skin areas. Used preferably on dry, cracked skin areas. Wonderful!


Take a small amount and massage into the skin around the desired area.

Suitable especially for cracked, dry and cracked hands, feet and other weather-exposed areas.

(INCI) Ingredients: Shea butter, ( Butyrospermum parkii butter) coconut oil (Cocos nucifera oil) , mango butter, ( Mangifera indica) , castor oil, (Ricinus communis seed oil) Vitamin E (Tocopherol), genuine essential oils and hop oil (Humulus Lupulus) .

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