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HUMLE Jultvål Christmas soap 0,6 hg, 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 115

HUMLE Jultvål Christmas soap 0,6 hg, 6 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 115


This year's Christmas soap is here, with a lovely scent of orange and cloves. 

The soap is made with organic olive oil, coconut oil and Swedish cold-pressed rapeseed oil. During the saponification process, natural glycerin has been formed, and oil from the farm's own hops contributes with its pleasant properties.

It comes in a box that can be reused for other small things. The soap has a fresh weight of about 1 hg or 0,6 hg, something that then can vary according to the degree of maturity of the soap and its cutting.

This soap can be perfectly used both for hands, body and also as a shampoo soap, as it keeps the scalp in balance, while softening and regreasing. So it's not like washing yourself with hard soap from the grocery store.

Should you use it for the scalp on you or your animal we recommend that you work a lather with the soap into the scalp, rinse immediately, and then repeat once more. Follow not up with a conventional conditioner or wrap. But rather use a natural oil in the ends if you feel you need. It may take a few wash cycles for the hair to adjust from conventional products' depletion of the scalp's natural function.

Feel free to learn about "acid rinse", which is sometimes needed to help the hair maintain its correct ph value.

INCI: Sodium Oleum olivae, Sodium Cocos nucifera, Sodium Brassica napus, Spirulina platensis powder, Humulus Lupulus and natural aromas.

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