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HUMLE Nosig Nosstift nose stick 14 ml 8 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 185

HUMLE Nosig Nosstift nose stick 14 ml 8 pcs/pck. Price out: SEK 185

A dog's nose should be naturally moist, but it may get dry due to factors such as weather, dry air, genetic causes or lack of fluids.

As dog owners, we can help the body stay hydrated and regreased, just as we do ourselves. HUMLE's nose stick is designed for the dog's sensitive nose.

In some cases, a dry nose can be due to serious problems, please consult with your vet if the dryness stops being occasional and becomes more permanent, as well as if it suddenly cracks.

Our nose stick is a further development of our popular paw salve, HUMLE Raska Tassar. It is adapted to function in a handy stick for easy application on the nose area. The product has no added fragrance, but only a faint natural scent from the oils and beeswax.

With our added unique hop oil, we have a series of dog products that can kill fungi, viruses and bacteria and which, together with other organic plant-based oils, create an environment that makes it difficult for fungi and yeast to survive, strengthening the skin in its natural recovery.

Hops are traditionally used as an ingredient in beer, and also have good properties against:


- Bacteria



HUMLE's Nosig Nosstift stick is a very thick ointment, as it does not contain any water.

Lubricate the nose morning and evening for 7 days in case of acute problems. Then apply 1-2 times a week to strengthen the skin and keep problems at bay.

Nothing happens if the dog licks the ointment.

HUMLE Nosig Nosstift stick is developed for animals and thus registered in the product register via

Contains 14 ml organic oils of shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, Swedish beeswax, hop oil and vitamin E.

Pet owner responsibility

As a dog owner, you always have a responsibility for your fur friend, whether it concerns food, shampoo, ointments, routines, exercise, etc. You make choices all the time about what you think is best for your dog.

The same applies to using our products. We believe that average dog owners do the best they can for their dog, choosing veterinary care when necessary, and natural ointments and drops when appropriate. We do not recommend anyone to refrain from veterinary care when needed.

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